Thriving Designs has been in business for over 5 years. In those 5 years we’ve had a decent amount of growth, but it’s gotten to the point where more help is needed. I could hire a manager, but then it would just be a job. Instead, a partner sounds much better.

The person I’m looking for would handle sales, billing and all the other fun management stuff. As for me, I’ll handle taking projects from start to finish, keeping our servers running, and helping with customer support. You interested? Before you send an email, here’s some details:

  • Since you’d be a partner, there is no salary. Instead, you’ll get a percentage of what we make.
  • Age and education doesn’t matter. All you need is experience and a drive to succeed.
  • You would be working from wherever you want, whenever you want. Your home, the local coffee shop, wherever. You just need a reliable internet connection, and you need to get work done.
  • You will be handling sales, so you need to be good at it.
  • Most importantly, you need to be someone people want to talk to.

Still up for the challenge? Send me an email at m.phelps (at) thrivingdesigns (dot) com.


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